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2017-2018 Staff

Heena Champaneri

Torch Newspaper Senior Editor and Writer

Heena Champaneri is an 18 year old senior at John F Kennedy Memorial High School. She is the senior editor of the Torch, and is involved in a plethora of other school activities. Heena is the Head of Lighting for the school, operating...

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Amelia Devorak

Torch Newspaper Staff

Amelia Devorak is a 14 year old freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. In her free time, she enjoys spending time obsessing over dogs, reading up on subjects such as psychology and existentialism, and consuming herself into a cu...

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Chelsea Cooper

Torch Newspaper Staff

Chelsea Cooper is a 14 year old freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and a part of the class of 2021. She enjoys reading books on her phone and binge watching Netflix shows. One of her favorite genres of music is kpop, and she...

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Emily Schindler

Torch Newspaper Staff

Emily is in her final year at JFK. She is a member of JFK’s very own Dance Exchange club as a choreographer and company manager. She enjoys being part of the JFK Spring musical’s backstage crew. Her extracurricular activities ...

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Krupa Mistry

Fall Reporter

Krupa is a 14 year old freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. In her first year of Journalism, she hopes to write about interesting topics and continue being a reporter for The Torch Newspaper. As a new member of  JFK, she...

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Moriah Pagan

Fall Reporter

Moriah Pagan is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and enjoys working with The Torch. A second-year member, she hopes to cover many main events of the school year and bring more eyes to The Torch. Moriah is excite...

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Natalie Strzepek

Fall Reporter

Natalie Strzepek is a 15 year old sophomore at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. Although graduation is still a long ways away, Natalie has many ideas for her future plans. Natalie likes to spend time with family and frie...

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Swara Presingu

Fall Reporter

Swara Presingu is a freshman at JFK who works with The Torch as a writer. She is aspiring to become a lawyer and is good at both persuading and entertaining people with her writing. Swara has won numerous awards in writing throu...

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Karan Patel

Fall Reporter

Karan Patel is a junior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and will graduate in 2019. Karan Patel is involved in many clubs and extracurricular activities at JFK. He is a part of the Academic Team, Student Council, Spring T...

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Aracely Ondeyko

Fall Reporter

Aracely Ondeyko is a 9th grade student at JFK. She loves fall, swimming, baking and spending time with family. Her favorite things to bake are pumpkin pie and french macaroons. Aracely’s future goals consist of going to colle...

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Melanie Munoz

Fall Reporter

Melanie Munoz is 17 years old and in her senior year at John F. Kennedy High School. She enjoys her English classes the most because she likes to analyze different aspects of literature. Melanie is considering pursuing a caree...

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Nicolette Mancine

Fall Reporter

Nicolette Mancine is currently a 17 year old senior at JFK. In her free time, she enjoys video games (especially the Zelda series), reading, writing, and drawing. Her favorite subject in school is art, and she is planning on ...

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Damari Leacock Carrington

Fall Reporter

Damari Marcel Leacock Carrington is a 16 year old senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. He will be 17 in November. His goals this year are to complete high school, get his diploma, and get a scholarship for football....

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Pragna Kistangari

Fall Reporter

Pragna Kistangari is currently a junior in John F. Kennedy who takes her studies seriously. Although studying may not be her favorite activity, she is willing to study as hard as she can to pass her tests and quizzes. Pragna e...

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Bianca Gosai

Fall Reporter

Bianca Gosai is a 14 year old freshmen at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. In her free time, she draws, listens to music, watches movies, and obsesses about dogs. She loves dogs, probably more than she likes people. Her one ...

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Barghavi Gopinath

Fall Reporter

Barghavi Gopinath is a freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She is currently 13 years old, and looks forward to her high school career. She is typically a shy person. Her favorite subject is science, but she finds readi...

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Luciany Diaz

Fall Reporter

Luciany Diaz is a freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She is currently 14, but not for long. Her birthday is November 16. She enjoys working with and helping others. All of her friends call her "Lucy" for short. Luci...

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Rachel DiSanto

Fall Reporter

Rachel DiSanto is a 16 year old  junior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She is involved in cheerleading and softball, but also is on a competitive dance team outside of school. Rachel enjoys traveling, spending time...

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Aratrika Dey

Fall Reporter

Aratrika Dey is a junior at JFK Memorial High School. She is a part of various clubs, as well as a member of the Women’s Choir, an auditioned ensemble at her school. She thoroughly enjoys reading new books, however, she is more...

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Brianna Carloni

Fall Reporter

Brianna Victoria Carloni is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She was born in New Jersey on July, 10th 1999, making her a cancer. Some sports Brianna has been involved in include: the girls' basketball team, sof...

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