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Aratrika Dey is a junior at JFK Memorial High School. She is a part of various clubs, as well as a member of the Women’s Choir, an auditioned ensemble at her school. She thoroughly enjoys reading new books, however, she is more of a writer than an avid reader. Her favorite subjects include anything to do with English and literature, math being her least favorite subject. Aratrika has been learning Indian Classical music since the age of seven. Music and singing are her passions and are very significant in her life. To pass time, she loves to watch Bollywood movies and American shows, as well as writing fictional stories. As an aspirant traveler, she loves to visit new places around the world; a few of her favorite destinations are Switzerland and Venice. She also loves photography. You can often catch her taking pictures to capture memories. Aratrika’s journey with the subject of journalism began just recently and she hopes to learn more about the fascinating topic.

Aratrika Dey, Fall Reporter

Dec 14, 2017
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