Time Management


Ethan Samaroo, Columnist

Time management is one of the key skills teenagers need to learn for the rest of their life. It is something that develops through teenage years and is not easy to learn for most people so I thought it would be beneficial to give some tips about time management.

  • Make goals for yourself
    • Having goals, both short-term. Having these types of goals can serve as major inspiration and motivation to get everything you need to do done.
  • Plan Ahead
    • If you start planning things in advance, you will be more focused on what you have to get done. It’s also easier because you know what time you have to do certain duties, and work.
  • Eliminate Distractions
    • This might be one of the biggest problems teens have. There are many distractions around us that don’t let us get things done. This includes people around us and even our phones. It is probably hard to not go out with your friends. Instead, plan in advance when you have time to see them.