The NBA’s Supreme Fine

Yash Khanna, Columnist

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Popular NBA basketball player of the Cleveland Cavaliers JR Smith is going to have to deal with major fines due to the issue of one of the many tattoos he has. These are some of the things he is known for, he is tattooed from almost head to toe and all these tattoo’s define him in some way, shape, or form. The one particular tattoo that the NBA issued a fine for was his “Supreme” tattoo on his right calf, “Supreme” is a popular brand amongst younger people from ages 12-21. It was originally an unpopular small time skating brand until it ultimately became popular in 2015 and is now one of the biggest hypebeast brands. The NBA believing they may need to deal with a scandal due to the fact that JR has the “Supreme” logo on his leg are going to fine him every game that he plays with that tattoo unless he covers it. Jr does not want to do this, he sees this as the NBA invading his privacy and being ungrateful. Fifty-five percent of the NBA is tattooed, and the NBA is not supposed to force the players to remove there ink from their skin. This may be a matter of business, but they also have to follow their own rule. They have done this in the past where brand names were either tattooed or shaved into hair, but they stopped the player from getting it ahead of time. This may be very complicated for the NBA, and a hard case to solve.

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