Woodbridge Township Takes Over Philly!

Sabrina Yock, Columnist

Last month, Kennedy and Woodbridge AP Government students took a step out of the classroom and applied their studies to real-life government jobs. With the organization of Mrs. Jones, the group first headed out to the Liberty Bell In Philadelphia! Shortly after, they headed off to the National Constitution Center where they collaborated and completed a Bill of Rights workshop. This helped the students understand the creation of the Bill and a look at our Nation’s amendments that protect our liberties and rights. After this fun and informational workshop, they set off for lunch at The Bourse in the heart of Philly. There, the students had the option of picking foods from multiple types of vendors and even trying foods from different cultures! After lunch, before heading back to the schools, they made one last stop at New Jersey State House. They were given a guided tour and even spoke with a Woodbridge native: State Representative, Craig Coughlin! He gave a tour of his office and even let the students ask him questions one on one.

Mrs. Jones explained that she is so passionate about the subject that she could talk about what AP Government means to her for hours! She also explained what her class is about, it teaches students about the Federal Government, how the systems work, our nations rights, ways to politically get involved. Also “to understand how the government works and how you affect change in the country.” It is also providing students with ways to get involved and introduced them to internships and opportunities with the nation’s government. The class is fun yet has everything you need, all in one! She is thinking about organizing another class trip to Washington D.C this month or later in May!

Click on the photo above to check out pictures from their trip!