Gun Control

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Gun Control

Isabella Tarrazas, Columnist

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Gun Control is the complex term that covers any restriction on what kinds of firearms can be bought/sold, who can possess them and where/how they should be carried or stored. Recently, the controversy of this topic has raised because of the drastic increase of mass shootings. What is the state of Gun Control today? Well, the Federal Law prohibits certain people to have firearms which are…

  • Anyone with a criminal record
  • Anyone with a Mental Illness
  • Drug addicts
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Veterans who left the military with a dishonorable discharge
  • Anyone with a permanent restraining order and much more

Now when you read this list, it gives off a certain comfort of safety until you look at the news and see the mass school shootings, gang-related violence and anyone on this list who somehow was still was able to obtain a gun. Why? Clearly because as much as the Gun Control law assures our safety, there are too many crimes relating to guns that prove it. Federal Law requires that licensed gun dealers run background checks through a database run by the F.B.I to see if they can be cleared for owning a weapon but the base has easy outs/holes in it because of the incomplete/missing of criminal cases. The failing of these databases causes firearms to be purchased by dangerous buyers that are one of the many people on the list above. What can be done? An updated database on criminal and personal backgrounds on not only buyers but sellers as well. A stricter, updated and superior database will be more secure and give more info on the buyer before purchasing a firearm.

An updated database is not the only alternative to less gun violence. Unfortunately, not all states see the need for strict Gun Control. The most restrictive states on Gun Control are New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts and some more. Out of 50 states, this is not nearly half of the country that is on board with Gun Control. Like all states should consider, some states are so restrictive that only someone with a license or permit could own a firearm. Politically, the process of passing Gun Control laws, in general, is too long to get into detail with but it’s so significant for states to consider passing laws to prevent violence. Not the most recent but the well-remembered school shooting in Stoneman Douglas High School this year on February 14. In total, there were 17 people killed and 17 people injured. The shooter was Nikolas Cris (19), on his social media he did not seem like a peaceful person. He would post himself expressing how he wanted to perpetuate violence. Someone like Nikolas should be nowhere near firearms but unfortunately, he was, along with many other shooters who have taken the lives of innocent people. Incidents like these can’t keep occurring until states see so much violence to finally pass Gun Control Laws. The rest of America’s states should pass stricter Gun Control Laws to put an end to the high level of Firearm violence.

   “There are two sides of every story.”

I along with many people argue for Gun Control, but A lot of people disagree with my thoughts on this topic. People argue that while some laws on Firearms should exist, guns are needed for safety reasons and are necessary in homes in case of an attack/robbery. People argue that Gun Laws defies their right to self-defense and makes them feel less safe. While their point of view is highly understood, there are other things that can be in homes such as tasers and pepper spray. Yes, of course, it is not a full replacement but it’s safer to have in a home with children. On average, from 2012-2014 5,790 children receive medical treatment in an emergency room each year for a gun-related injury. About 1,297 die each year from gun-related injuries and about 25% are accidents. So, if there is a firearm at home, it needs to be hidden away from children’s reach and it’s important that the bullets itself should be hidden in a different spot from the firearm. The opposing side of the Gun Control Law needs to be heard as well.  It’s important that both sides of this controversial topic are brought to light to be put in perspective.

There will always be violence in the world, but the gravity of it can be reduced with stricter laws. Mass shootings and gun violence will only rise with time and it is crucial the nation starts changing things before more innocent people get their lives cut short. Gun Control is very controversial in this country and there is no question why, but that does not justify its violence. Gun-violence takes people’s loved ones every day and while the government does nothing about it, this violence is only getting perpetrated.

In the video above Susan Orfanos, a grieving mother, expresses her thoughts on the controversial topic after losing her son in the Borderline Shooting (Grill and Bar) on November 7, 2018. Below are pictures of the victims who were killed along with her son.

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