Its Not How You Fall, Its How You Get Up


Isabella Terrazas, Columnist

Today in society, there is not a lot of positivity around to make mistakes proudly. Unfortunately, everything is at a cost. With everything surrounded by who’s better, faster or smarter; Mistakes can be self-destructing. This, of course, does not include the handful of people who understand the concept of not being perfect and maintain a healthy understanding mindset for themselves. People pray on each others’ downfall so badly that through it all, society is the only thing crumbling. People have forgotten the fact that mistakes are made, things don’t go as planned and that mistakes are nothing but a learning experience.

  The Victoria’s Secret Models are the “picture-perfect”, wish to be and the definition of “beauty”. My best guess is that if anyone is most attentive on their look and class, it’s these models. Don’t get me wrong, they hold up very high expectations, from how they train and how they maintain themselves enough to continue their qualification to walk on the runway. If you have seen their runway shows, you’ve seen their fierce looks, perfect walk, and the graceful pearl white smiles. It almost seems as they were “perfect” and this is what gives females such high expectations for themselves. Not that long ago, model Ming Xi experienced every model’s nightmare and tumbled mid-way through the runway in Shanghai in front of 18,000 people. The amount of stress and humiliation that ran through Ming is too much to even get into but how she reacted was surprisingly refreshing and admirable.  Ming gracefully handled her mishap, got back on her knees, adjusted her enormous floral headpiece and picked herself up. She smiled and handled it in the way every person should. With class.

    Mistakes need to be understood and learned from in order to rise or “get up” with a better mindset, more knowledge, and experience to finally succeed. Achievements don’t come easy, to achieve you need to make mistakes. Instead of worrying about what others think or how far ahead from you they are, work on your own progression. Trust your process!!