Finals Are Back

Clara Bazan, Columnist

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Oh, no… It’s that time again. Finals!! So here I’m going to give you some advice on how to study for finals. First of all, we are going to need set a time to study. For instance, set time when you know that you won’t be doing anything. You won’t be doing other homework, it wouldn’t be at dinner, on dates or even at work, you’ll have to make a time which will be appropriate for yourself. So maybe you can start studying right after school for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Great so now you have time to study, now how do you study exactly? Before studying you would need a quiet place so you don’t get distracted by other people. Then you’ll need to find all of the old tests that your teacher has given back you because most likely your teacher will use those test as a rubric. After you got your tests together make sure to get your most recent notes and relearn the lesson. Don’t get overwhelmed by reviewing everything, just break big sections into small sections. While looking at your old notes focus on some keywords then make effective notes with terms and definitions. It’s going to seem like a lot of work relearning everything but maybe if you studied with someone and then you help them by teaching the lesson to them. Although it may take some time to study it’ll be worth it when you get a good grade on that final. Just remember to eat something when learning. It’ll keep your focus just a little bit more. I hope you do good finals! Happy studying!

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