Is Frozen II better than the original?

Isabella Canela, Head Secretary

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In the original movie Frozen it begins when Elsa and Anna were young. It shows them growing up throughout the movie, and how Elsa was outcasted on account of her powers. In Frozen 2, their father, King Agnarr of Arendelle, explains that King Runeard, had established a treaty with the neighboring tribe of Northuldra by building a dam in their homeland, the Enchanted Forest. However, a fight is going on, with their grandfather dying. Angering the four elemental spirits of the forest Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, they all vanish over Northuldra.  Frozen II is better than the original because it gives background to everything including the death of their parents, more information about Elsa’s powers, and the background story about Arendelle. Throughout the movie, it explains everything that the original didn’t.

In the second movie, we learn more about the history of Arendelle and the neighboring kingdom Northuldra. King Runeard established a treaty with Northuldra by constructing a dam. When Agnarr was a boy, he went with his father King Runeard to establish the treaty with the Northuldrons. His father killed one of them cold blood and in return a war broke out among the people. Their mother Iduna saved their father Agnarr during the fight. Elsa and Anna find out that’s how they first met. Ana and Elsa realize that they’re half Aredellain and Northuldran when they find out their father was born in Arendelle and their mother was born in Northuldra. Which is why at the end of the movie, Ana is able to become queen of Arendelle. 

Also in the second movie the history of the parents death is revealed. Their parents traveled to find the origin of Elsa’s powers, because one child had powers, and the other didn’t. We find out in the original movie that their parents died, but in the second they go more in depth on what really happened. Which is why I think the second movie is better than the original. Elsa and Anna encounter their parents ship in the enchanted forest, which helps them understand why and exactly what happened to them. That’s why I find it better than the original because the original did not explain anything about everything past.

Elsa is constantly hearing a voice and she did not know what the voice was so she decided to follow it and ended up in the Enchanted Forest. The forest contains four spirits; the voice Elsa hears being fire, water, earth, and wind. Frozen II is more action packed compared to the original. The forest is in external winter which means nobody can leave. Not all four elements were not on the same page. Earth was represented by the massive giant rocks which were trying to kill Elsa. Fire was represented by a lizard, when annoyed created massive fires. Finally, water was the only element that protected Elsa in end. Water was represented by the water horse. Because of eternal winter, all the elements were out of control. But the only thing that stopped the eternal winter and restored peace was destruction of the dam at the end of the film.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why I prefer the second movie to the original. They go into depth about their kingdom and their parents historical background. They maintain to be in the present while simultaneously solving the past. Frozen II has a good storyline and has kept the audience interested. For these reasons I prefer the sequel over the original.