Senior Spotlight: Nikita Thapa


JFKMHS Administration

Senior Nikita Thapa

Suchita Bhandari

The graduating senior class of 2020 unfortunately might not get to make prom or graduation memories, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are an amazing class that consisted of many talented students. One of these many students includes Nikita Thapa who is a soon-to-graduate senior at JFKMHS. 

Through the years

All throughout her four years in high school Nikita has worked hard and has been a bright and dedicated student. Out of her whole high school career her favorite year has been her senior year. She says that despite it being cut off, the first half of the year was surely a year  to remember. She went on to say that, “It was a time where I was probably the most involved with school activities”. Nikita also included “Some highlights are the memories I made with my choir friends and my soccer girls as well as attending the football games, basketball games, and Mr. JFK”. The cutoff from COVID-19 has not been easy and she says that it’s upsetting to not be able to have the traditional senior functions, but she and her classmates are all still trying to make this a memorable year for themselves.  

High School Experience

Nikita added, “I think that my experience in high school has helped me to find my true personality and allowed me to open up and become more outgoing”. In addition to that she also said, “I found some of my best friends in high school who I see as a second family as well as figuring out what I want to do with my life, along with the stuff that I’m passionate about.” She recommends that the underclassmen and incoming freshmen take part in many clubs and sports, “It seems intimidating at first, but once you find that club or sport you’re interested in, it makes your high school experience more special”. She even talked about her soccer experience by saying, “Something that I regret is not joining the soccer team earlier. After being a part of the team this season, I made a new family with the girls and I’m sad to have it end so early”. Lastly she included that, “High school has prepared me for success in the future and gave me memories that I wouldn’t change”. 

Future Plans

As for her career after high school Nikita plans to attend Middlesex County College and transfer to Rutgers in two years with her focus and major in accounting. 


The Torch wishes Nikita best of luck in her future and remaining high school career!