Winter Fashion Advice for All

Amelia Devorak, Torch Newspaper Staff

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When it comes to winter time, we as human beings can often have the natural instinct to just curl up in our warmest clothes possible and call it a day. But if you’re interested in not just strolling around in the same old, same old, here are some alternative outfit suggestions that can be fashionable, warm, and STILL keep a very pretty penny in your wallet. Not to mention, all the outfit pieces suggested here are school appropriate and unisex, designed or suitable for all genders.  

 A personal favorite of mine is an ugly sweater that can fully justify to keep you warm and toasty in JFK’s classrooms. The ‘ugly’ part of your sweater will get a good laugh, guaranteed. Depending on where you obtain this ugly sweater, most would argue that they’re worth the money and make substantial use on most of these upcoming chilly days. A great place to possess one of these is the thrift shop, where some of the students at JFK already shop.  Just ask and they’ll tell you that the thrift immediately eliminates a decent percentage of the price. While some may be unaware, there are a reasonable amount of thrift stores in the New Jersey area that could supply your every desire for ugly sweaters.

Popular around the New Jersey/ New York area are Timberland boots. Although created in 1928 as a waterproof leather boot that was popular among construction workers, their history didn’t stop there. They have come a long way, especially in the 80’s and 90’s. Not a single rap music video could go by without the Timberland boots being right there on the scene. As said before,  our New Jersey/ New York area is familiar and has immense popularity with the boots, so there is little reminder needed to get them out of the back of your closet. Timbs are fashionable in a wide variety of outfits and can often be seen in the original yellow color by many, but the company has a HUGE variation of colors as well as styles. With these boots, your outfit possibilities are endless and an excellent Christmas gift for the tough cold winter.

To end things, we have a long forgotten accessory. Scarves! They are no longer a thing of the past. Whether you decide to go for a thin, flowy scarf that could often be seen worn by celebrities in the early 2000’s, or a thick, wool textured one that would seem more appropriate for our upcoming winter season. Because the winter season is imminent and scarves have had a decline in fashion, there is no doubt that they will be will be reasonable in price. And if you are to ever find yourself bored on an upcoming snow day, knitting or crocheting a scarf is an excellent and time-efficient hobby.


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