Fostering Kindness

Jinal Sutariya, Torch Newspaper Staff

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It is no surprise that the environment of a school deeply impacts the learning experience of its students. When a school maintains a friendly environment, students experience a sense of security. Students are able to walk into school without having to worry about being made fun of and can better concentrate on their respective goals. Unfortunately though, not all students understand the consequences of their actions, and bullying persists within many parts of the country. JFK Memorial High understands the importance of creating and maintaining a friendly environment within the school and has taken many measures to ensure that students understand and are made aware of the importance of treating their peers with respect and kindness.

The first week of October in JFK Memorial High was dedicated to the issue of bullying. The story of Tyler Clementi, a college student at Rutgers University, who took his life in 2010 as a result of bullying, was told in the announcements. For an entire week, the announcements acknowledged the incident and reminded students of the consequences that could result from their actions. The entire school body also participated in a few minutes of silence to pay respect and condolences to Clementi. In addition, students were encouraged to participate in little acts of kindness that could have profound effects, such as approaching students who seemed to appear lonely. Students were also reminded to report any bullying incidents that they experienced either themselves, or saw happening to others.

JFK Memorial High has always endorsed the concept of ‘anti-bullying’ and taken the necessary measures to ensure that its students spread kindness and make every peer in school feel safe. With such strong emphasis on the issue of bullying, JFK Memorial High has managed to maintain a bully- free environment for students. These values will not only help create a safe environment within the school, but will go beyond students respective journeys in school, as they prepare students to become better human beings in general. With its actions, JFK Memorial High is fostering kind and empathetic students who will one day become admirable adults in society.

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