Life 50 Years Ago–Better or Worse?

Aratrika Dey, Fall Reporter

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About fifty years ago, our world was a very different place from what we know of it now. Be it in society, the government, or in our day to day lives, aspects of living were much different compared to how we live in our modern day society. Fifty years ago, the United States was involved in the Cold War, people had a shorter life expectancy, and technology did not even come close to introducing a cell phone. In general, the world has advanced a lot since then, most would believe… or would they?

In a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center on December 5, 2017, people of the world were asked if they think life was better fifty years ago, or if it is better today. The results were surprisingly divided. For example, countries such as Vietnam, India, and Japan agree that life is better today. However, the United States, Brazil, and France state that life was better back then. This says a lot about our progression as a society, and whether we are taking a step forward like we should, or backward. The study blames economic statuses and political tensions as the reasons why people view life as worse. It is an interesting question to consider. Do you think life is better or worse now than it was fifty years ago?

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