Final Exams: Tips to Help You Feel More Confident About Passing

Emily Jones, Torch Newspaper Staff

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Every high school student knows how stressful it can be studying for finals, but with these tips, hopefully I can help you feel a bit better. Follow these steps and gain the confidence that you did the best you could:


  • Make flash cards or a study guide.

Some teachers might not give you a study guide, so to help yourself understand the lessons, make flash cards that are color coded. Another option is to take 10-15 minutes to make a Quizlet and on a long car ride, or when you have nothing to do, you can start studying!


  • Stay after school for extra help and/or ask questions in class.

We have opportunities for after school extra help. Ask your teacher if they will be willing to stay after school to help you study. Sometimes, however, our schedules do not allow after school hours so participate a little more in class and ask questions about material you are unsure of.


  • Be organized.

Staying organized is the key to success. Having papers all over the place and not keeping track of assignments can really mess things up, especially when it comes to studying.


  • Take time to relax.

If you try to cram everything in at once and study everything all in a day, you will definitely go crazy. Start a schedule for when you want to study and make sure you stick to that schedule so you can balance your time.


  • Get rest and eat a good breakfast.

It’s really important that you get rest and eat a good breakfast. I know that if I don’t get a decent amount of sleep that my brain will be all over the place, and you definitely don’t want to be hungry during a test because all you will think about is when you’re going to get food. So the night before finals, put your phone away and get some rest.


Remember this advice, and recognize your potential. Good luck!

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