Introduction to Advice Column

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Introduction to Advice Column

Ethan Samaroo, Columnist

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Hello readers! From the team at the torch, we really wanted to give our audience some advice about the teenage life and how to overcome some of the obstacles that you might eventually face or are currently facing.

We realize that this time of our lives can be really difficult with all the changes occurring, so giving advice to those who need it is something we are highly passionate about. Here’s some general advice in the meantime:


  1. Focus on School and be responsible
    • No matter what you want to become or do after high school, trying your hardest, and being responsible will help you in many ways. Not just by getting good grades, but also by teaching you a sense of responsibility. Staying on top of everything, will definitely help you prepare for life outside of high school, regardless of what you want to become.
  2. Never Procrastinate
    • Procrastinating is one of the worst things one can do at this point. To be frank, there will be many opportunities and deadlines that you will have to meet. The worst habit a person can carry over into the real world is procrastination. If you are on top of yourself and do everything when it needs to get done, you will be much more successful than someone who does everything at the last minute. You are also simply adding unnecessary stress on yourself when your life is already difficult enough.
  3. Become Friends with People that inspire you.  If you are around people that bring you down, what    will you truly achieve? Being around people that motivate you in a positive way will help you achieve whatever goals you want to achieve in life.
  4. Be you
    • You will never be the person you want to be if you follow what others do. Being yourself, and standing out is the best way to get noticed by people. If you limit yourself and do what others do, you will not achieve happiness within yourself, and never truly live to your full potential.
  5. Enjoy Yourself
    • High school and teenager life is a point where you start to mature and blossom into young adults. However, that doesn’t mean you that shouldn’t have fun. This is the time of your life where you could still very much enjoy yourself, while still doing the things that make you love your life. You should try to do whatever makes you happy, because that feeling of happiness will ultimately help you want to achieve more in your life and set higher goals for yourself.
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