• The Gift Auction for Project Graduation will take place on April 14th at 4:00 pm.

  • Make-up snow days will be 3/30 and 6/22, and will operate on a half-day schedule.

  • No School April 2 - 6. Happy Spring Break!

Amelia Devorak is a 14 year old freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. In her free time, she enjoys spending time obsessing over dogs, reading up on subjects such as psychology and existentialism, and consuming herself into a culture of horror movies.  Her favorite subject is history because of how much knowledge and power one event can maintain. Although only a freshman with a huge work load, she plans to keep the same work ethic she contains at the moment throughout her whole high school career and beyond. After high school, she plans to pursue her passion, preferably becoming a journalist, writing about whatever sparks her interest at the moment. However, the future seems so far away and she would prefer to focus not only on the now, but what will help her in the future.

Amelia Devorak, Torch Newspaper Staff

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