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Brielle Thomas was born in Newark, NJ, February 17, 2003. She is a 16-year-old junior attending John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. Brielle enjoys cooking, sports and family. She is currently on the girls varsity soccer team playing as a winger. She onced worked over the summer as an assistant for the CEO of Scientific Solutions R’ Us but now works in retail for Hollister. A student and athlete by day, and an employee by night, Brielle has a very hectic schedule. Right now, this is Brielle’s first time taking journalism because she wants to enhance her writing skills. She believes writing is a very important skill to possess. Brielle believes that journalism can be a tool for her to use now and in the near future in which her work and intelligence will be judged in college soon. Her goals for the future are to enroll in college to complete her bachelor’s degree. Brielle’s dream occupation is to become a physician assistant because she loves the satisfaction that comes from helping people. Because she’s so adventurous, the thing she wants to do most in life is travel the world to see how much it has to offer for her.

Brielle Thomas, Contributor

Oct 01, 2019
JFK vs South Plainfield Football Game is a Huge Success (Story)