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  • Make-up snow days will be 3/30 and 6/22, and will operate on a half-day schedule.

  • No School April 2 - 6. Happy Spring Break!

Chelsea Cooper is a 14 year old freshman at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and a part of the class of 2021. She enjoys reading books on her phone and binge watching Netflix shows. One of her favorite genres of music is kpop, and she’s interested in looking into more diverse music groups/singers. Writing happens to be a passion of hers, and she’s always brainstorming new ideas for possible stories. She loves watching all types of movies--except horror--and her favorite movies of all time are Suicide Squad, and Fight Club. She has three siblings, an older brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother. Chelsea is always joking around, and every time you see her, chances are she’s laughing. Her favorite app is Twitter, and she tends to be very antisocial, since that’s the only social media app she has. However, she is very open to making new friends!

Chelsea Cooper, Torch Newspaper Staff

Feb 14, 2018
Comfort Food for the Winter Blues (Story)