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Envy Di Meglio
My name is Envy Di Meglio , I am 17 years old and I was born on June 14th 2001. One of my future goals are to become and RN and or a social worker for schools, I had so many different goals set for myself but these two were my final decision. My ethnicity is Panamanian, Italian and African- American. Growing up my favorite subject was always English , in 1st grade I remembered I would always wanna go to English class because I would just love to write about my day and other things too, but now that i’m in high school I'm leaning towards my favorite subject is Math. Some of my hobbies are Working , I work at a Burger King in South Plainfield I worked there for a little over a year now , I also participate in the Step Team here at JFK.

Envy Di Meglio, Columnist

Oct 01, 2018
The Hand Flipping Challenge (Story)