• The Gift Auction for Project Graduation will take place on April 14th at 4:00 pm.

  • Make-up snow days will be 3/30 and 6/22, and will operate on a half-day schedule.

  • No School April 2 - 6. Happy Spring Break!

Melanie Munoz is 17 years old and in her senior year at John F. Kennedy High School. She enjoys her English classes the most because she likes to analyze different aspects of literature. Melanie is considering pursuing a career in English as well. In her free time, she is a freelance makeup artist and enjoys visiting different towns and cities. She plans on traveling after high school before starting her college career. She is excited to complete high school and move on to greater things and see what else she can accomplish.

Melanie Munoz, Fall Reporter

Sep 19, 2017
Pep Rally Honors Fall Athletes (Story)