• The Gift Auction for Project Graduation will take place on April 14th at 4:00 pm.

  • Make-up snow days will be 3/30 and 6/22, and will operate on a half-day schedule.

  • No School April 2 - 6. Happy Spring Break!

Swara Presingu is a freshman at JFK who works with The Torch as a writer. She is aspiring to become a lawyer and is good at both persuading and entertaining people with her writing. Swara has won numerous awards in writing throughout her school career, and gets into the Honor Roll every marking period. Since learning to write at the age of 3, she has loved it, and after being in school for more than a decade, she is, arguably, quite good. During her free time, Swara likes to tutor kids, volunteer around the community, and read.

Swara Presingu, Fall Reporter