3 NBA Predictions for 2020-2030.

Here are 3 predictions for the 2o20-2030 decade of the NBA

Prediction Number 1: Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid will split ways and one of them will be traded. This will happen because unless Ben Simmons develops a 3 point shot they just do not mesh well together. Joel Embiid needs floor spacers so he can be at his best. So if he has a point guard that cant shoot and is useless in a half-court setting it wont work out . Now out of the two players even though it is better to trade Ben Simmons, Joel will be traded. With Ben Simmons you can just have a system with 3 point shooters and capable defenders.

Prediction number 2: The Golden State Warriors will win one more championship this decade. Yes we know that the Warriors are bad due to injuries from Steph and Klay.  But thats not the case, I think that the Golden State Warriors are using this year as a build and see year. They still have 3 stars in Klay, Curry and Draymond Green, due to injury this will be an off year. This year will be a good thing (be more descriptive) because they can get assets, see who are valuable young players, to get them self back to there championship form and have depth.

Prediction number 3: Luka Doncic will be the best player in the world after Lebron James retires. Luka Doncic is currently having a breakout year. Right now he is on pace to  30 10 & 10 which only Russell Westbrook has done. He is no question a star in the making who is capable of having Larry Bird potential and a shot at being the 2nd best SF of all time. I say Luka can be the best in the world because of his second year in the NBA and I think that he will progress.

photo creds to keith allison, images.com under the creative commons license.