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The Mess of Brexit

Hadi Alim, Editor-in-Chief

January 30, 2019

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While we in the United States were worried about the seemingly never-ending government shutdown, across the ocean Britain was panicking about something that will change their future forever. Brexit. In two 2016 referendums, the pe...

Gun Control

Gun Control

November 29, 2018

Our Hearts with Pittsburg

Our Hearts with Pittsburg

October 29, 2018

A Day To Never Forget- 9/11

A Day To Never Forget- 9/11

September 29, 2018

The New Year

The New Year

September 12, 2018

Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Bianca Gosai, Fall Reporter

December 11, 2017

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For 13 years, the people of Australia have been fighting over the legalization of same-sex marriage. With only four votes against the bill, the final approval showed their support of the LGBTQ community by legalizing same-sex marriage...

NJ Band Rocks Local Record Store

Emily Schindler, Torch Newspaper Staff

November 1, 2017

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The Front Bottoms, an indie rock band who originated in Woodcliff Lake, NJ released their sixth album "Going Grey" on October 13th. To celebrate the release of their new album, The Front Bottoms stopped by Vintage Vinyl Records...