COVID-19 And It’s Ramification On The Sports World


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The recent breakout of the COVID-19 disease (also known as coronavirus) has had a major effect on sports. It has been years since professional sports have come to a halt halfway through a season but that is the case currently because of the coronavirus. Not only has the virus affected professional sports worldwide, but it has also affected college sports and the Olympics, which is supposed to take place in Japan this summer. Fans have been disheartened by this news but know that the safety of themselves and athletes are a priority.



The coronavirus has affected the ever-popular game of soccer. The UEFA Champions League, a tournament for the top-division European clubs, had three games played behind closed doors due to the fear of the coronavirus. The Premier League, the top flight league in England, has taken precautions and suspended their season; this comes after a player and manager of teams in the league tested positive for COVID-19. Serie A, the top-flight league in Italy also suspended their season due to lockdown in Italy that was made by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The suspension is supposed to last until April 3, but league officials are still not sure if they will be able to carry on with the rest of the season. Other major leagues all over the world have since suspended their seasons and have asked fans to stay inside and stay safe.

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The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, have officially been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The decision was final when Americans took action as well & postponed their own sports leagues in order to reduce the spread of the virus to other players or fans.  Athletes who were supposed to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics, began to worry about the strict quarantine rules, resulting in less training & unpreparedness. Teams like USA Swimming & Track and Field’s call for postponement grew louder as the weeks went by. The date for the Olympics will now be no later than summer 2021.

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NBA Basketball

The NBA season was suspended due to the outbreak of the virus; this came after Utah Jazz superstar Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. Gobert also spread the virus to teammate Donovan Mitchell. Since then, five more players have tested positive including NBA Champion and MVP Kevin Durant. All players are in a 2-week quarantine and are expected to make a full recovery due to the fact that they are all active and all have a strong immune system. The chances of the NBA season resuming are very low but both fans and players are optimistic.

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College Basketball

College basketball is the most-watched college sport in all of America. Every year, fans get excited about “March Madness” which is the best event of the college basketball season. Unfortunately, the NCAA has canceled the men and women’s tournament due to COVID-19. Many college seniors were devastated & upset to have played their last game without knowing because of the epidemic. Most basketball male and female athletes will enter the 2020 NBA and WNBA Draft. The NBA Draft has been postponed, but will not be canceled while the WNBA Draft is still expected to be held on April 17.

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In difficult times like this, it is disappointing that we do not have sports to watch and enjoy. Not only is it unpleasant for fans but also for the athletes who spent countless amounts of time working hard and preparing for their season in their respective sport. All athletes want to play and all fans want to cheer on the athletes but it is important to continue practicing social distancing so we can all emerge from this predicament even stronger.