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A photo of Ashwindev Pazhetma posing in front of the New York City skyline, used with his permission.

Ashwindev Pazhetam, the Senior who was admitted into Governor’s School

Musfira Mohamed, News Editor
December 7, 2020
Photo via John F. Kennedy Memorial High School: John F. Kennedy Logo

Teaching for the First Time During a Pandemic

Anusha Nayak, Site Editor
December 7, 2020
Courtesy of Lindsay Prusicki
The new JFK socially distant classroom setups

JFKMHS Reopening Plan

Anusha Nayak, Yumna Khan, and Don Puntiel
October 20, 2020
Photo 1: Courtesy of Kimani Carrington 
Photo 2: Courtesy of Sarah Szoke

JFKMHS Mustang First Football Game

Stephanie Yu, Nabriela Morales, Sean Huey Melido, and Bianca Martinez
October 20, 2020
Sheaa on her 18th birthday

Senior Spotlight: Sheaa Amin

Amal Ahmed
May 20, 2020

Spirit Week

Maya Riaz, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
May 13, 2020
One of the amazing signs created by a JFK cheerleader!

A Special Thank You

Aashita Patel, Social Media Editor
April 16, 2020

Should AirPods be Allowed in School?

Rachel Torrey, News Editor
April 10, 2020
Tarig Holman and his wife officially join the Mustang family.

New Additions to the Track Program

Auslin Mills and Pharrell Mensah
March 27, 2020
Photo Credit: Photo Via Getty Images under the creative common license.

Using Phones During Lunch

Nina Santiago and Maya Riaz
March 27, 2020
Students of JFK, Reilly and Mallory McGowan, are signing into school to start their day!

Distance Learning Due to the Coronavirus

Aashita Patel, Social Media Editor
March 21, 2020
Coach DeVoogd poses with Vishal Patel, Nadir Cassiem, Papa Asmah, and Ayman Pitts as they hold their awards

Kennedy Basketball Makes a Comeback

Auslin Mills, Pharrell Mensah, Nadir Cassiem, and Jodi Owusu
March 6, 2020
A crowd of students dance at the 2019 masquerade.  But did less students attend this year than previous years?

Why Aren’t Students Showing Up to School Events?

Divya Sinha, Hinaz Hinaz, Rachel Torrey, and Andreik Cepeda
March 6, 2020
Philip Chun the night he was announced the winner of Mr. JFK.

Mr. JFK 2020 – Aftermath

Maya Riaz, Ababa Lorde, Nina Santiago, and David Macaulay-Smith
March 5, 2020
Put a face to the name! From left to right these amazing ladies are Mrs. Giudice, Mrs. Riverso, and Mrs. Della Serra.

The Fabulous Franklin Teachers that Joined JFKMHS

Emmanuel Diaz
January 15, 2020
Read to get the scoop on the top ten Mr. JFK candidates!

Meet Our Top Ten Mr.JFK Candidates!

Aashita Patel and Reilly McGowan
January 9, 2020
The fourth block Advancing with Apple Class stands with David, their classmate, during his surprise birthday party

David’s Birthday Party

Shurupa Mazumder, Editor-in-Chief
January 8, 2020
The students and faculty matched on Nov. 20 to raise funds for charity

Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game

Shurupa Mazumder, Editor-in-Chief
December 11, 2019
JFK(left) facing off in the first play of the night against Scotch Plains Fanwood (right).

Mustangs Trail the Raiders 21-20 at Their Homecoming Game

Reilly McGowan and Brielle Thomas
November 1, 2019
Seniors from National Honor Society and Student Council wear pink at the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

JFK Goes Pink to Save Lives

Shurupa Mazumder, Editor-In-Chief
November 1, 2019
Excited JFKMHS students at their lockers with their schedules in-hand.

See Any New Faces This School Year? JFK’s New Transfers Explained.

Shurupa Mazumder, Jordyn Torri, Alex Casares, Hensi Ahuja, and Megan Baumgarten
October 1, 2019
American Cancer Society members take a picture together.

American Cancer Society Starts Up for the Year

Jenica Liang, Sareena Khan, Tanisha Gadhavi, Bidisa Choudhury, and Payal Chitoda
September 30, 2019
The fall journalism class working very hard on new articles for The Torch.

Journalism is Back at JFK

Lucas Bartolomey, Aashita Patel, Emmanuel Diaz, Jordan Lawrence, Reilly McGowan, and Shurupa Mazumder
September 30, 2019
Mr. JFK Competition 2019

Mr. JFK Competition 2019

Hadi Alim, Editor-in-Chief
February 1, 2019
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