The Mystery of Room 132


Jerrah Viuya

What does the future hold for Room 132?

The former Woodshop Room, located in the Arts Hallway, is currently being renovated. 

The project began post-winter break after a pipe suddenly burst and flooded the room. Furthermore, asbestos fibers were discovered within the walls of the classroom, leading to additional reconstruction.

Woodshop is no longer a class that students have the option of taking at JFK, hence the quick removal of all equipment needed for the course. The classroom was previously used by the Theater Department as a dressing room before performances. The Robotics Club had also held meetings in room 132 but was forced to relocate. However, the redevelopment has allowed for a new “Excuse the Interruption” studio between the art and mystery room. 

Dr. Parry has confirmed the installation of new flooring this week. As of right now, room 132’s purpose is unknown.