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JFK Theater Department ‘Soarin’ High’ with this years play: ‘High School Musical’

Seniors Raena Patel and Shivam Patel reflect on their last JFK play experience.
Fired up! Wildcats dance and sing the night away in JFKMHS production of High School Musical.
Zaima Mazumder
Fired up! “Wildcats” dance and sing the night away in JFKMHS production of “High School Musical.”

The movie “High School Musical”, with its catchy tunes and relatable characters, became a staple in the lives of many, especially those who grew up in the 2000s. Fast forward to today, and the spirit of “High School Musical” lives on, “Breaking Free” on John F. Kennedy Memorial High School’s stage.

Raena Patel, a talented member of the cast who played the role of Taylor, shared her thoughts on the experience.

“High School Musical is one of those things that were such a big part of all our childhoods, and being able to perform that for people who were so heavily influenced by this film was such a rewarding experience,” Raena Patel stated.

“I was so beyond happy and excited when I found out I was cast as Taylor! But not just that, I was so excited to just be part of the production in general,” Raena exclaimed, highlighting the enthusiasm and gratitude she felt for the opportunity to contribute to the musical. “I’m so grateful that I was able to play the part with such an amazing and supportive cast!”

Shivam Patel, one of JFK’s gifted singers was cast as Troy Bolten.

“Being my last year [in high school], I was ecstatic to find out that I had landed the lead role for the musical,” Shivam Patel said. “I immediately went on to share my happiness with my friends, family, and girlfriend, Khushi.”

Indeed, “High School Musical” isn’t just about the polished performances, it’s also about the memories made and the friendships forged along the way. 

“My favorite memory overall was talking to some of my peers and directors during our strike down after the show, and sharing our plans for the future and sharing laughter for one of the last times,” Shivam reminisces as this year’s unforgettable, spring musical comes to an end. 

Despite the inevitable challenges that come with putting on a theatrical production, Raena Patel emphasized the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that prevailed.

“Of course, there’s always going to be something that I will look at after a performance and think ‘Oh, I could have done that better,’” she admitted. “But regardless, I’m so happy and proud of the performance that we put on. While it wasn’t always a smooth road, together we all got there in the end!”

As the final curtain falls on JFK’s rendition of “High School Musical”, the play continues to remind us of the “start of something new,” where dreams are limitless and that “we’re all in this together,” here at JFK.

As we bid farewell to this chapter, we can’t help but wonder, “what time is it?”᠆᠆᠆᠆time to start brainstorming for next year’s Musical! What do you think next year’s Musical should be? Let the suggestions commence!

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Zaima is a second-year journalism student, serving as a contributor to The Torch. As a senior at JFK, she chose to take journalism as an effort to improve her writing skills and establish involvement with the school newspaper. Outside of school, she enjoys watching Netflix (shows, movies, documentaries, etc.), listening to music and podcasts, shopping, and baking. She has been a part of a variety of clubs every year at JFK since freshman year. She plans to take advantage of the rest of her time here and make lasting connections.
Musfira Mohamed, News Editor
Musfira Mohamed is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, serving her second-year in journalism as a contributor to The Torch. She describes herself as a rookie writer, an avid reader and an emerging social butterfly. Musfira has participated in classes similar to ‘Multimedia Journalism’ from her former school in Washington state and decided to further her exploration of the field at JFK. Going forth, Musfira plans to continue her work in community service and civic engagement.

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