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The Student News Site and Newsletter of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School

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Pat McGrath’s ‘Glass Skin’ Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to achieving the famous trend
Soraya Cuevas
Products used for the McGrath’s “Glass Skin” Look.

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The Maison Margiela Fashion Show was held in Paris on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024. The show included inspiring looks from talented beauty experts like Dame Pat McGrath. 

McGrath became popular in the 90s for her collaboration in fashion shows. Her unique makeup looks shaped a new definition of “glass skin”. The glossy finish and bold makeup represent porcelain dolls. 

The trend has made its way toward social media, wanting fans to try this at home. Do you want to know how? Scroll Below!

Prep Your Skin

Use a cleanser to get rid of makeup residue and dirt on the skin. Keeping your skin moisturized will help achieve a smoother and hydrated look. Using a moisturizer and primer will do the trick. 


Thin brows mimic a doll-like appearance. Draw long dark brows and have a flat brush to carve them out. It is recommended for beginners to have a brow pencil.


Use a fluffy brush to add bright eyeshadow. Start lightly around the eyelid near the nose, then generously pack it around the lid and up to the brow.

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Put foundation on the forehead, cheeks and nose for a fair skin tone and gently pat with a beauty blend for an evenly spread.


Plaster concealer under the eyes to hide the appearance of eye bags. Blending with a dense brush helps get an even finish.

Setting Powder

Set the entire face with a powder puff and pressed powder. 


A big brush is a necessity for the upper cheek. The blush should contain different pastel colors like yellow, pink and green.

After blush is added


An eyelash curler is necessary for enhancing your lashes.

After two coats of lengthening mascara.

Face Mask

Put any clear face mask in water and mix for serval minutes. The consistency should be runny.  Then apply the first thin layer with a flat mask application. Repeat the process until satisfied. 

 There are only two rules: be creative and have fun! If you try out this unique look, send pictures to The Torch.

The finished product
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