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Woodbridge Township’s Great Debate: Colonia Dairy Maid or ’40 Flavors’

What Do You Call It?
Bright red and blue LED sign greets ice-cream lovers at the front of the shop, which opened in 1965.
Zaima Mazumder
Bright red and blue LED sign greets ice-cream lovers at the front of the shop, which opened in 1965.

In the heart of Woodbridge Township, an age-old debate over the name of a beloved local ice cream shop divides the locals. Some refer to the shop as Colonia Dairy Maid, while others refer to it as “40 Flavors.” The curious case of the ice cream shop’s true name has sparked various conspiracies and theories.

One intriguing theory suggests that “40 Flavors” is simply a catchphrase. Richard Prusicki, a Colonia native, argues that akin to how one wouldn’t refer to Burger King as “Home of the Whopper,” “40 Flavors” is merely a catchphrase and therefore shouldn’t be taken as the official name. An icy debate emerged on whether the catchphrase holds more weight than the established name.

Another theory attempts to link the name preference to age groups but was quickly debunked. The idea that older locals favor “40 Flavors,” while the younger generation prefers Colonia Dairy Maid fell flat, as supporters of both names were found across various age ranges. The flavorful mystery deepened.

 Location-based theories then took center stage. Some claimed that residents of Colonia and Iselin were more inclined to say “40 Flavors,” whereas those of further distance from the shop, specifically in Edison and Woodbridge, leaned toward calling the shop Colonia Dairy Maid.

However, a survey revealed that 40% of those calling it Colonia Dairy Maid were, in fact, from Colonia and Iselin. This specific geographic angle had failed to provide a clear resolution.

Finally, a more plausible location-centric theory emerged, suggesting that proximity and perspective played a role. Locals who live near the nostalgic ice cream parlor, able to walk or take a bike ride there, often refer to it as “40 Flavors.” As seen when individuals approach the shop from the side where the “40 Flavors” sign shines with all its glory, thus being embedded in their consciousness. Those who had to drive up to Colonia Dairy Maid from the front, observing the main sign, were more likely to favor the name Colonia Dairy Maid.

Customers view the Colonia Dairy Maid sign if they approach the shop from the front, while “40 Flavors” is seen if approached from the side. (Zaima Mazumder)

“Our actual name is Colonia Dairy Maid, people just call it ’40 Flavors’ because of the sign at the side of the building,” explains Alyssa Olexa, the General Manager working in the shop for 9 years.  Despite the official name Colonia Dairy Maid, a survey revealed that out of 60 citizens of Woodbridge Township, 55% prefer the name “40 Flavors.”  

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear, the 59-year-old ice cream shop in the heart of Woodbridge Township is not just about the delectable treats it offers, but also about the community’s shared identity. Whether you’re a fan of the name Colonia Dairy Maid or “40 Flavors,” the sweet taste of unity prevails, making this local conflict a delightful part of Woodbridge Township’s history.

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    Susan QuinnMar 22, 2024 at 7:28 pm

    I’ve know it as Colonia Dairy Maid for about 55 years.