Junior Niki Shah Graduates Early: Here’s How She Did It


Image provided by Niki Shah

Junior Niki Shah is excited to graduate early this June with the seniors of 2023.

While an underclassman graduating with a class of seniors may be unheard of, it certainly isn’t impossible, and junior Niki Shah has proved just this. As the entirety of this year’s senior class will celebrate their final day of high school on June 21, Shah will be right there with them, and here’s how she did it. 

“So, I just took classes over the summer, and I also doubled up a lot during my years here at JFK, so that way, I completed everything by junior year,” Shah said. 

After graduating, like many of this year’s graduates, Shah will be attending Rutgers University, and will be majoring in either psychology or public health, with a possible minor in biology. 

“I really wanted to stay near home around my family,” Shah said. “But, I’m excited to meet new people because most of my friends are juniors and I don’t really know a lot of seniors, but I’m excited to meet a lot of new people at Rutgers.” 

She made the decision to graduate during her sophomore year. 

“I really wanted to get a headstart to my career because I knew what I wanted to do,” Shah stated. “They [her friends and family] were really really happy for me and they encouraged me to keep going and doing it.” 

Finally, Shah wishes to give a few words of advice to anyone who wants to follow the same path as her. 

“Anyone can do it,” Shah stated. “It’s just that you have to stick to your own schedule and you have to work properly and not slack off. But yes, anyone can do it.” 

As the school year is quickly approaching its end, The Torch wishes the best of luck to all of the graduating seniors and Niki Shah as they advance towards the next stage of their life.