Stage damaged; spring play rehearsals left delayed


Ryan Sadowski

Cast and crew were distraught over last minute complications of curtain damage.

One of the curtains on the stage was damaged during curtain closing cues of the Spring Musical, The Wizard of Oz. The curtain ripped at about 3 p.m. during Friday’s rehearsal.

A rubber stopper on the curtain tread dry rotted, leading the curtain off the track. The crew was moving set pieces when the right curtain fell. The damage caused confusion and delays to the original rehearsal schedule. The cast was originally scheduled to rehearse on the stage with full effects but was repositioned to the pit for Friday and Monday.

The stage and light crew were unable to practice stage cues on Friday and Monday as scheduled. The cast and sound crews were able to rehearse in the pit, while the stage was unavailable.

The stage was fixed for Tuesday’s practice, and the show continued on its set schedule.