The Torch

Tanisha Gadhavi, Head Photographer

Tanisha Gadhavi is a 15 years old sophomore at JFK Memorial High School. She is a contributor to The Torch ran by JFK. Tanisha chose journalism as a class because she enjoys writing and editing. She is very passionate about photography and baking as those are her favorite hobbies. In school, she is a member of the JFK Student Council, American Cancer Society and Human Rights Club. Outside of school, Tanisha works with children and young adults who have special needs. A few of her future goals include being an established photographer and having a good job that pays well. Tanisha’s favorite type of music is pop and her favorite artist is Billie Eilish. In her free time she swims, sings, and likes to hang out with her friends. She enjoys watching soccer and many other sports and spends a lot of time watching Netflix. Tanisha is glad to be apart of The Torch staff and hopes to take the class next year as well.

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