The Torch

Jenica Liang, Op/Ed Editor

Jenica Liang is a 14-year-old sophomore currently attending John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She is an author on The Torch, and this is her first year in journalism. Born on November 30th, Jenica has enjoyed reading and drawing nearly her entire life, and sees journalism as a way to express her love of writing. She loves to indulge in all types of literature, including novels, poems, manga, and webtoons. One of her favorite works since childhood is the Harry Potter series. Jenica is of Chinese background, is fluent in Chinese, and recently graduated from 10 years of Chinese School. In freshman year at JFKMHS, she was involved with Key Club, Robotics Club, and Arts Services. She will be a member of Student Council this year and hopes to participate in even more clubs. Outside of school, Jenica plays violin for the New Jersey Youth Symphony, volunteers at her Chinese School every Saturday, and attends art class that same afternoon. As Jenica continues to expand her horizons, she hopes to find time in the future to write her own novel.

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