The Torch

Shannon Kavaja, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Shannon Kavaja is a currently a sophomore contributor to The Torch for the upcoming year. She graduates in 2023, and is attending her first class in journalism this fall. She decided to deepen her skills as a writer by taking part in the newspaper. She has always been extremely passionate when it comes to a pen and piece of paper, especially if it involves developing new, flourishing and creative ideas. She keeps herself quite busy and active on and off campus including being a student council representative, an American Cancer Society member, being involved in the choir department, and participating in JFK’s Cross Country, Basketball, and Spring Track Program. On her own time, she also enjoys learning instruments such as the ukulele. In the future, she is considering majoring in Criminal Justice or Journalism. She is excited for what the Torch has to offer her this year, as well as what she can contribute to the program.

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