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Alexander is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School and graduates the year of 2022. It is Alex’s first year of being in journalism and he chose to take the class because he enjoys writing. He thinks that his school made a great decision for making journalism a class because it can be very useful for students to potentially have a great career, or even develop skills they didn’t have before. Alex was born on April 29, 2004. He comes from a Hispanic family and is an only child. His favorite subjects in school are science, English, and ASL (American Sign Language). Alex wants to attend a university in Illinois to major in psychology and minor in music education. He is planning on majoring in psychology because he wants to be able to help people and he thinks that studying the behavior of the mind is very intriguing and interesting. Alex enjoys playing guitar, writing music, watching netflix, and spending time with his friends. Alex plays hockey and is also in his high school’s marching band. He is in drumline and is very passionate and dedicated to marching. He practices a lot on his free time as he wants to pursue being in DCI (Drum Corps International) or DCA (Drum Corps Associates) in the future.

Alexander Casares, Contributor

Jan 17, 2020
New York Rangers vs New York Islanders Post Game Recap (Story)