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Nadir Cassiem was born on March 11th, 2002 and is 17 years old. He is part of the class of 2020 and is a first-year contributor for The Torch. His dad is from India and his mom is from Pakistan, which makes him a pretty unique mix of cultures. He aspires to either become an engineer, or maybe even obtain a job in the field of journalism. He lives with no regrets and tries to live in the moment rather than in the past or future. Nadir’s favorite subject is math and he loves the game of basketball. He loves basketball so much that his favorite sound is of the ball dribbling up and down against the hardwood. Some of Nadir’s hobbies (other than basketball) are playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He admires his mom because she is caring and always wants the best for Nadir and his younger brother. Nadir looks up to his parents due to the fact that they continue to provide for him and his brother despite the hardships and obstacles that come across the way. If he were to become anyone in the world for a day, he would be Michael Jordan because he inspired him to play basketball and taught him to outwork everyone on and off the court. He would love to get a look into the mentality and mind behind Jordan’s greatness throughout his years playing basketball. In 5 years, Nadir plans on traveling around the world and pursuing his career of choice in college. He would like  to be remembered for his outgoing personality and for his quality work.

Nadir Cassiem, Sports & AE Editor

Mar 06, 2020
Kennedy Basketball Makes a Comeback (Story)