David’s Birthday Party


Mr. Toczynski

The fourth block Advancing with Apple Class stands with David, their classmate, during his surprise birthday party

Shurupa Mazumder, Editor-in-Chief

“Surprise!” the block four Advancing with Apple class cheers for their classmate’s, David Beaudouin, birthday party.

Mr. Toczynski had the idea to do something special for David as his birthday was approaching. Students such as Ekta Patel and Pearl Puri stayed during lunch to decorate. They brought poppers, party horns, and cupcakes, and even got help from another neighboring class. Meanwhile, Ms. Paloti distracted David with “something for college” as students prepared the classroom quickly. Then, all the excited students gathered around the door as David walked in, striking his signature peace sign. The best part “was getting surprised and the cupcakes,” David said. He was quite elated his wonderful classmates planned this for him.

Mr. Toczynski added, “When you help others, you help yourself.”