10 Ways to Keep Busy During the Quarantine!


Ms. Prusicki

Try the Houseparty app to connect and play games with friends and family.

Reilly McGowan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Did you finish all your schoolwork? Finish binging your favorite Netflix TV show? Finally finish cleaning out your closet like your mom’s been bugging you to all week? Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Well, The Torch is now here to bring you 10 ways to keep from going stir-crazy in your house!

1. Read a Book

How many times have you said to yourself, “Oh I really want to read that book, but I’m too busy!” Now you have the chance! Staring at a screen for too long isn’t healthy, and as much as we all want to spend 14 hours watching Netflix, maybe it’s time to catch up on your reading. Rumor has it, many high schoolers don’t actually read the books their English teachers assign them; what’s the harm in trying it out now? Your bookshelves are probably full of interesting,  fun and quick reads for you to try out!

2. Learn a New TikTok Dance

We all know that as TikTok evolves, the dances become harder and harder. You could probably spend a full hour just trying to learn a new one! We here at The Torch challenge you: learn the dance for “SupaLonely” by Benee, post it on your Instagram story and tag us @thetorchjfk. If it’s good, we’ll feature you on our story! Get dancing 🙂

(Need a slower tutorial? http://Use this link-https://youtu.be/J94RzUdX-WU)

3. Watch New Movies

There are thousands of movies out there; go watch a new one. Maybe you want to start all the Marvel movies from the beginning or maybe you finally want to watch “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You.” Remember all those English books you didn’t read? There’s most likely a movie!  If you don’t have any specific movies in mind, head to whatismymovie.com. You can describe the movie you want to watch (put in an actor, genre, or even a movie title) and it will give you recommended movies that fit your search!

4. Listen to Broadway Stars

The YouTube channel, The Actor’s Fund, is getting Broadway stars to record themselves singing their favorite show tunes and uploading them everyday! If you had planned to go see a Broadway show before they shut down, this is a great way to feel involved in the community without leaving your home! Go to The Actor’s Fund on Youtube and click on the “Stars in the House” playlist.

5. Watch Netflix with Your Friends

Netflix is now offering a new browser called, “Netflix Party.” Download the extension onto your computer, sign in with your friends, and watch a show together! This is a fun and simple way to keep up with your favorite shows and do so with company! You can even make a game out of it: grab your water bottle, pick a show you both know and love, make a list of common sayings/actions that happen on it, and take a sip every time it happens! We promise you won’t be bored and you’ll stay hydrated at the same time!

6. Play Games on Houseparty

We are all missing our friends greatly during this period of isolation. The temptation to leave your house and meet up is great, but instead, let’s on get on Houseparty! Not only is Houseparty a great app for group facetime for all types of phones, but they have games! There’s movie trivia, academic trivia, fill in the song lyrics, or even a parody of Cards Against Humanity. We can keep everyone safe and healthy, and still not miss a beat with the people we love.

7. Try New Recipes

Have you always wished you knew how to cook? Do you know how to, but are bored of cooking the same recipes over and over again? Look up some new ones! Now you have ample amounts of free time to try new recipes, fail, and try again! If your meals don’t turn out great on the first try, that just means you can do it all over. If it came out great, now you have delicious food to enjoy! Simplyrecipes.com has a whole page of simple and easy guides to make delicious snacks and dinners!

8. Play Online Games

This quarantine is a way to get back into the days of our youth! With online games, you can pass the time with friends: creating new worlds or playing in ones that are already made. You can play Sims, World of Warcraft, even simple dress up games; all of these are fun ways to pass the time. If you want to go back even further into your youth, dust off the DS!  Or try out Animal Jam again, or even Webkinz! Maybe these games aren’t your speed; coolmathgames.com and other similar websites have tons of mind-numbing mini-games that won’t make you think and will pass the time.

9. Exercise

Staying inside your house all the time can make you go crazy-exercise is one way to combat that! Going on a quick run around the block or doing a couple of push-ups can really take your mind off of everything. Put on a cute running outfit or make a really good playlist to help motivate yourself too! Need more than that? Watch a tv show on a platform with commercials or ads and every time one comes on, doing a different exercise-whether it’s sit-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, etc. The endorphins you’ll get will make this quarantine so much more manageable!

10. Write!

Whether it’s a fiction sci-fi story or a log of your day, writing can be a cathartic way to cope with this new situation. You’re living in history right now; keeping a diary of what you’re experiencing could be something cool to show the generations to come. Maybe non-fiction isn’t your thing, but creating a new world can be! Make up new characters, put them in situations you’ve been in, or maybe give them completely new experiences. Maybe poems are more your speed, in which case open up a rhyming dictionary and get started!

If your feeling really down in these times, or are having a hard time knowing what day it is, consistency helps! Get up and get dressed, create a routine for yourself! The most important thing you can do right now is take care of yourself! Things will get better!

We hope these tips and tricks help pass the time and prevent cabin fever. If you end up finding one you like-take a picture doing it and send it to The Torch! We love to hear from you!