Distance Learning Due to the Coronavirus


Kimberly McGowan

Students of JFK, Reilly and Mallory McGowan, are signing into school to start their day!

Aashita Patel, Social Media Editor

Instead of sitting in our regular classrooms, students are now sitting in bed, signing into school. Isn’t that crazy? Due to the coronavirus, many schools and colleges, across the country, were forced to close and switch to distance learning and online classes. In the increased cases of coronavirus, health officials recommended avoiding gatherings of more than 50 people resulting in closure of malls, movie theaters, small business, and schools. People are asked to stay indoors and quarantine themselves in hopes of reducing the spread of the virus. 


While the coronavirus is throwing considerable life changes for everyone, a big change for every student in New Jersey is distance learning and online schooling. Though students never experienced distance learning in the past, they were able to quickly grasp on and make the best out of a very unfortunate situation. Luckily, we live in a generation where online schooling is possible. Distance learning is a way to be able to continue schooling without actually physically being present in class. Teachers post assignments through Google Classroom and monitor students through Go Guardian. Students are asked to sign in by 8:30am and start their work. Students are expected to complete their work within a given time frame, like they would in class. Attendance is still counted and contributed to the required 180 class days. Though distance learning gives some flexibility to students like they are able to eat during “class,” it’s very much like being in school. They receive the same amount of work and are held up to the same expectations and guidelines. 


No one was ready for such a change but everyone at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School is trying their best and working hard! Keep up the good work and The Torch wishes to see everyone back very soon! Stay safe and healthy!