Trying Out at JFK

The Physical and Emotional Process of Trying-Out for a Sports Team at JFK


Jesus Gonzalez

The view after baseball tryouts from the John F. Kennedy Memorial High School football field.

Jesus Gonzalez, Sports & AE Editor

A Sweeping Process

At John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, the process of trying-out is similar no matter what sport you play. It’s fun, exciting, and a little nerve-racking. A coach will evaluate a lot more than just how well you perform. They’ll observe an athlete on the account of many things you probably didn’t even stop to think twice about, from how well you interact with the other participants to how you respond to your own performance. 


When a student at JFK first decides to try-out for a sport, they must fill out the required paperwork. Although it might feel tedious and unnecessary, this paperwork can save the athlete’s life. In case of an emergency, coaches and medical personnel will be able to better assist and take care of you. The forms will also show if an athlete is ineligible to try-out due to health concerns.

Try-out Prep

The days leading up to try-outs are the most crucial. These days are when an athlete can get in their final preparations before tryouts and the season. This can make or break an athlete’s chances of making the team. It’s crucial to work hard but not overwork yourself. You want to go into a try-out feeling confident and ready to play, not sore and injured. 

Moments Before Try-Outs

On the day of try-outs, all athletes must arrive on time to the locker rooms or field house. As you get dressed and ready for try-outs, you go on an emotional rollercoaster. Feelings of excitement and doubt rush through an athlete’s body. Try-outs can be an anxious time for any athlete. You could have all the talent in the world but your spot on the team is never guaranteed. The greatest of athletes always remember that their spot on a team isn’t just given to them. They use the fact that their spot isn’t guaranteed to motivate themselves to push and work harder than the competition. While others sleep they are up out-working.


At try-outs, returning players are looked at to lead as new and younger players are looking to make a statement. Each player will have to perform certain tasks which then will allow the coaches to make their decisions. The spotlight will be all on the individual player. After your evaluation is complete and the coaches have had time to think, comes the most nerve-racking thing-when coaches post the roster and you find your name on the list comes a big sigh of relief. All the hard work has finally paid off. 

My Challenge to You

Although try-outs can be nerve-racking, I recommend that if anyone ever wants to just try-out for the experience, that they go try-out. The memories made will stick with you throughout your whole life. Here at JFK, trying out for sports teams is a fun experience that is unlike anything else. I challenge you to try-out for at least one sport before you graduate.