Senior Spotlight Q&A Interview: Ruby Kapoor


Vidhi Kapoor

Kappor smiling in a New York resturant

Pharrell Mensah, photographer

The Youngest Senior

Ruby Kapoor is a special kind of senior, because of Kapoor’s young age, she is graduating at the age of 16-years-old when normally seniors graduate at 17 or 18 years-old. Skipping the sixth-grade and taking on a whole new environment, Kapoor knew it wasn’t going to be easy from the start. But the environment at Kennedy made her feel at home and is going to help Kapoor in the future. 

Did it feel different being one of the youngest kids in the grade?

“In the beginning, it was a rough transition from elementary to middle school because I barely knew any of my peers. But as I got into high school and got more involved, I didn’t feel like my age impacted me at all.”

How did you spend your time at Kennedy?

“I participated in both the winter and spring track and field teams as well as the JFK Marching Band for 2 years. Some of the clubs I’ve participated in are National Honor Society, Business Honor Society, and been a part of the JFK Student Advisory Board. I’m also currently the Vice President of JFK’s Student Council and a captain for JFK’s Heroes and Cool Kids program.”

What are some of your favorite memories at Kenndy?

“One of my favorite memories from JFK was definitely my senior year winter track season. It was a bonding experience where the whole team truly became a family, supporting each other during meets and even off the field with academic accomplishments.”

How has Kennedy prepared you for life after high school?

“JFKMHS has given me an exceptional academic experience that has prepared me for life after high school, but most importantly it has taught me how to time manage and create important professional relationships.”

What are your plans after high school?

“I plan to dual major in Computer Science and Business at NJIT’s Albert Dorman Honors College.”


The Torch wishes Ruby luck at NJIT in the fall!  Keep up the good work!