Senior Spotlight: Vincent Powers

We interviewed Senior Vincent Powers, a soon-to-be college baseball player about his future and how COVID-19 has affected his senior year.


Vincent Powers

Vincent Powers playing shortstop for the JFK Mustangs during his junior year.

Jesus Gonzalez, Sports & AE Editor

How has Covid-19 affected your senior year?

“I would say it was a roller coaster when it really came down to it. The whole year was great and just a lot of fun. The only downfall was when the COVID-19 outbreak came along and completely changed everything. It opened my eyes up to how quickly you can lose everything and you never know when your last day with something is.”

What sports do you play?

“I was on the baseball and bowling teams freshmen to senior year but that’s really it.”

What college do you plan on attending and what will you be majoring in?

“Middlesex County College to continue my baseball career. [I will be majoring in] Criminal Justice- Police.”

What lead you to chose Middlesex County College?

“It was the best option for my family and me and the best I felt for beginning my education and getting to my end goal in life.”

How has Covid-19 not allowing you to play baseball your senior year affected you?

“It hurt a lot. It was almost like an eye-opener. It showed me you never truly know when something is going to end. With me competing at the next level, it’s given me more of an urge and reason to push my self even more. I just really feel bad for the seniors that won’t be continuing on with baseball after this year and that they lost their last year playing.”

What is your end goal in life?

“To be happy and out of debt with a loving family.”

The Torch wishes Vincent the best of luck next year at Middlesex County College. We know he’ll show everyone there his Mustang Pride.