6 Seasonal Treats to Enjoy During Fall and Winter


Photo Credit: Photo Via: Wikimedia Commons under the creative common license

Dilara Ahiskalioglu


As Autumn comes to an end, the most exciting season is fast approaching: Winter! The sense of joy and delight surrounds the air during this time of the year; what better way is there to get into the spirit than to make some yummy treats! Below are six different easy, but scrumptious foods and drinks for you and your family to try. These treats are the perfect way to find comfort during these chilly seasons!                                                                                           


      1. Gingerbread Pancakes

        Do you love gingerbread cookies? Do you love pancakes?  This is the food for you! These gingerbread pancakes taste just like the cookies in a soft and fluffy form. Pair the pancakes with cinnamon or maple syrup and you’re good to go. 

(Find the recipe. Gingerbread Pancakes Recipe – NYT Cooking


      2. Cauliflower Mac ‘n’ Cheese

       In need of vegetables in your diet but still want to eat your favorites? Try this spin on Macaroni and cheese. Apart from the delicious taste, it also provides both vitamin and fiber boost. What a perfect comfort food for fall! 

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      3. Orange Spritz Cookies

        These cookies are an amazing treat to have during the winter with your family. They have a smooth shortbread taste and texture with a light hint of orange flavor. The orange flavoring is not overpowering, making it  a perfect addition to this cookie. 

   (Orange Spritz Cookies Recipe)


     4. Fall Party Punch

        This drink is so simple, yet addicting. The Fall Party Punch is perfect for thanksgiving, game day or any other get together. If you would like, add a few ice cubes and apple slices for a more refreshing and flavorful drink! 

  (Easy Fall Party Punch {VIDEO} – Miss in the Kitchen)


      5. Holiday Party Punch 

      Is your home ready for the most wonderful time of the year? There’s also a holiday party punch to get you in the mood for winter. With only four ingredients, the whole family can enjoy fun snacks while spending time together  -either at dinner or  cuddled up watching a movie.

  (Holiday Party Punch – Miss in the Kitchen


        6. White Chocolate Truffles 

          In the mood for a sweet treat? These delicious white chocolate truffles are the perfect seasonal treat and they’re designed to look presentable. Children and adults can enjoy these for themselves or as a gift to a special person as well! 

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