No More Snowdays?


Photo taken by Gurvind Dehar of the snow covered ground and icy river during the asynchronous day.

Musfira Mohamed, News editor

           Iselin experienced its first major snowfall on the cloudy evening of Wednesday, December 16. The storm raged on throughout that chilly night, and the next morning all Iselin residents woke up to an white wonderland. Cotton white fully snow had blanketed all ground area, in a smooth formation. The bare trees were once again clothed with fragments of clustered ice. Six inches of snow was what is took for John F. Kennedy Memorial High School to cut out all live classes for a day. Snow days are an American tradition that many feared would end due to the discovery of remote learning. Fortunately that didn’t completely apply to JFK, even though students weren’t able to completely get a day off, they were able to salvage an asynchronous day. The faculty feared such a snowstorm would cause power outages and without power there will be no internet, without Internet there can be no live classes. It didn’t seem fair to all have students attend online classes when some house might suffer an day with no electricity. Thus, classes were called off by the principal and that Thursday of December 17 was a partial free day for students. Teachers still assigned work to be completed by the end of that day, but as soon as those assignments were completed, most students were outside to start off the season right. Some enjoyed a snowball fight, while others built a snowman, but most kids were stuck shoveling all that snow to clear the driveway. Still, snow right before Christmas helps set a familiarity to the holidays, in a time where most of us are aware that the season is not going to be celebrated in a normal fashion.