Senior Spotlight Interview: Troy Lahr


Senior Troy Lahr.

Dilara Ahiskalioglu

Troy Lahr is currently a senior at  JFK Memorial High School. Lahr participates in the bowling and track teams. He was interviewed on how he feels about how the pandemic has affected his last year of school , his favorite memories, biggest accomplishment and even gave some advice to incoming freshmen. 


How do you feel the pandemic has affected your senior year? 

I feel like it has ruined it, I was looking forward to experiencing my final year with my friends and I definitely feel like we missed out on a normal senior year experience. We couldn’t even attend our classes in person which makes this year feel like it’s an out of this world experience, and since prom is most likely canceled, and graduation will not be the same while COVID is still around, our senior year has definitely been messed up. 


What are some of your favorite memories at JFK?

When I was able to see my friends at school on a daily basis and just mess around with them at lunch. I loved all my classes and teaches over my four years, but one teacher was really special to me that I can never forget was Mr. Essig, his teaching methods always resonated with me and he truly prepared me for college.


What’s your biggest accomplishment? 

Winning the GMC individual bowling tournaments for JFK, the last time someone won it at our school was 20 years ago so this was a pretty big accomplishment for me. 


What college will you be attending?

Middlesex County College.


Any advice you would give to incoming freshmen? 

Don’t waste your time by fooling around and pay attention in class, that will get you far. Don’t forget to participate in activities in school too, that’s really important and could make or break your high school experience.


If you can use one word to describe  your high school career, what would it be and why? 

Unexpected. Definitely “unexpected” because so many things happened, things that I couldn’t have ever prepared for. That made it fun.