A look back: All year remote learning students’ experiences


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Stephanie Yu and Aashita Patel

A majority of students at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School were on the virtual learning schedule the entire 2020-2021 school year. The pandemic left a large impact on the way teachers instruct classes and how students reciprocate the information being taught. It was something fairly new and different for all of us, making it hard to adjust to. 

We interviewed a student from each grade level to receive an inside look at how remote learning affected their personal lives.

Chloe Tu, 9th

As a freshman, Tu feels her year was really anti-climactic. She was “really excited for high school because of the change in environment and the opportunity for new experiences.” Unfortunately, Tu never had the chance to meet her teachers in person, she mentioned they were all very understanding and managed an interesting learning environment. Despite staying home all year, she is happy with her freshman year and glad she got to make friends through the cheerleading team. However, due to such settings, there was a lack of motivation when it came to joining clubs through a chrome book screen: “ It was always so hard to remember if I had a meeting that day.” Overall, Tu had a successful first-year high school experience under the pandemic. 

Bridget Lutz, 10th

Lutz feels due to online learning, there is no clear separation between her relaxation and working environments. Before she used to have designated “places that were for work and places that were for more peaceful but now [her] house is just mixed together.” Furthermore, she feels that her class missed out on the chance to socialize and make new friends.

Katrina San Pedro, 11th

San Pedro feels that “although online learning hasn’t been the easiest, the teachers here at JFK have done such a great job making sure [she] was prepared as possible.” Additionally, she feels that “guidance counselors and teachers made it very easy to access the resources [she] needed to assist [her] during these times.” San Pedro is ‘looking forward to in-person learning in the fall where we all can safely return back to our new normal!”

Michael Hein, 12th

Unfortunately, Hein missed out on several senior events that would’ve normally taken place in previous years. More specifically, he commented on his irregular football experience and not being able to go in the locker room: “I know the locker room seems like just a small part of the football season, but it’s really more than that; we have a lot of laughs in the locker room and it truly helps the team bond.” Additionally, although he is grateful for the faculties’ hard work to ensure a fun prom, he wishes that underclassmen at JFK were allowed to go to prom because he has a lot of good friends in the junior class. Aside from social events, he feels like the pandemic didn’t alter his academic habits that much and still feels it set him on the right track for the type of work ethic needed to succeed in college. 

Here are some final tips to finish the year out strong!

1. Keep track of your assignments

We know as the school year comes to an end, it’s easy to lose focus and miss assignments. Write down everything you need to complete. Visualizing the work you have to do will make it so much easier to remember your assignments and help you get them done on time. 

2. Give yourself breaks

It’s certainly okay to take breaks frequently while studying or doing homework. In fact, studies show that taking breaks helps your brain remember information more effectively and improves your concentration! 

3. Take advantage of good weather 

Instead of staying cooped up in your room all day long studying, go outside as the weather gets nicer. Find a refreshing spot, whether it is a park or your backyard, to get your homework done. 


Students who experienced online learning have certainly hit many roadblocks and overcame challenging obstacles. The Torch is beyond proud of all of our students for rising above difficult times. Be proud of yourselves and the hard work you’ve mentally and physically endured this year. The Torch wishes everyone good health and we hope to see everyone back in the building next year!