Kennedy fieldhouse under construction


Aliyah Lima

Fieldhouse in the middle of construction

John F. Kennedy Memorial High School finally comes to terms with the township to improve the current boys’ fieldhouse. The plan had been in the works since 2019, but construction was delayed until this past July due to COVID-19. The new and improved fieldhouse should be finished and ready to use by January 2022, and the expansion will accommodate many more athletes than it has before. For the first time, female athletes will also be housed in the new field house, rather than the girls’ locker room.

The idea of reconstruction came up in 2019 when coaches and athletes noticed problems with the fieldhouse. 

“We showed that the fieldhouse was in dire need of repairs and certain modifications to come up with today’s standards,” Mr. Rotella, the athletic director at JFK, stated.

After former superintendent Dr. Zega proposed the idea, the township voted on multiple renovations throughout many schools in the district, including JFK. Mr. Rotella explained that the new and improved fieldhouse will include a girls’ section, an improved locker room, a weight room, coach offices, added space and a renovated concession stand.

Once the BOE and the township agreed, the project began to fall into place, until COVID-19 struck and delayed plans drastically.

“Obviously when the pandemic hit, it forced our plans to slow down, but we were able to get started this fall,” Rotella continued.

The fieldhouse used to be utilized by the football, baseball and track teams, but JFK hopes to see more Mustangs in the building after these new improvements. These new changes will provide more of the school’s student athletes with access to better sports equipment, locker rooms and a more comfortable atmosphere.