Increased anxiety due to Covid-19


Andrea Piacquadio

Many people have been affected mentally from COVID-19. Photocredit: From Pexels under the Creative Commons License .

Nuha Hamza

The COVID- 19 pandemic has greatly affected most of us, with the majority being negatively affected.

Many people have developed anxiety due to the pandemic, and those who already battled anxiety, claim it has only gotten worse. The worry and panic surrounding the past 23 months has left many of us fearful.

Young adults have experienced depressive disorders because of job losses, isolation and being far from loved ones. When the pandemic started, many lost their jobs due to industries shutting down, which led to stress because they did not know how they would financially provide for themselves and their family. Boston College researchers reported that anxiety increased to 50 percent and depression to 44 percent -rates being six times higher that 2019- according to a report in the journal Translational Behavioral Medicine.

As things are slowly transitioning back to normal, people are struggling to adapt after being trapped in their homes for many months.

Adults are not the only ones who suffered, children too have had to endure this. Many students have lost the care to do their assignments,or concentrate in their zoom classes when learning virtually. Many were left with an anxiety disorder, finding it hard to focus on school when there are bigger, scarier things going on. The American Psychological Association reports that “nearly 81% of teens (ages 13-17) experience more stress due to COVID-19, associated with schooling.” 

The closure of schools not only made it difficult for students academically, but it also haulted their extracurricular activities. Many students would turn to sports or band practice as an outlet to interact with their peers or do something they are passionate about, until that also ended due to quarentine.

The pandemic has not been easy, we were all  faced with our own conundrums; however, it does not mean we have to go through them alone.