Senior Spotlight: Hinaz Singh


Brianna-Lopes-Amorim, Dhanvi Shah, and Potri Abhisri Barama

“A team effort by (Brianna-Lopes-Amorim, Dhanvi Shah, and Potri Abhisri Barama) to photograph Hinaz on the soccer girls’ senior night.”

Yashvi Patel, Poll Editor

Hinaz Singh is a senior at JFKMHS. She is involved in a variety of activities including the American Cancer Society, varsity soccer, dance exchange where she is the company manager, and gaming unplugged where she is the social media director. 

What makes you happy?

It makes me happy when everyone around me is smiling and I make others laugh.

What are some artists you like? What about them do you like specifically? 

BTS and IU. My favorite thing about these artists is that they have very meaningful lyrics that inspire me. They also uplift my mood.

Overall how were you for 4 years of high school? What did you expect it to be like?

Well, it was nothing like a high school musical, but still had fun at times. Certain days were really stressful, but I am glad to say I got through it, and the people I love supported me. Also, I learned a lot both academically, emotionally, and physically. So I would say it’s a wonderful experience that everyone has to go through.

How have you seen yourself grow and improve as a person from freshman year until now?

I’d say I changed in terms of not caring as much for little things. I am still very sensitive, but I can distinguish what is very necessary to focus on in comparison to what is just a small detail that wouldn’t be necessary to focus on. I can distinguish between what I should really re-think and what I should not think. So basically, I don’t overthink as much anymore.

What year of high school do you feel was the most difficult?

I would say the most difficult year had to be my junior year because it took place where we were fully virtual; this meant that there were lots of things to get used to. It was very difficult going to school virtually as I have never done that before and it just took some adjusting, to get used to. It was a questionable experience, but it was necessary because the pandemic itself is very dangerous and critical. So I would say the most difficult year was junior [year] where we went fully virtual, and I had lot of things to adjust to, and it was the time [I] finally had to start thinking about college, and just thinking about college is overwhelming because no one really ever mentioned it much before. 

What was your favorite high school memory and why? 

My favorite memory from high school is the adrenaline that rushes through your veins right before you perform on stage. This happens almost every year for me because I am a part of a dance exchange, so I’ll say the most exciting part is just performing our hard work for the [dance exchange] showcase.

What is the best advice you have received in high school or what advice would you give to students in high school right now?

Something I learned from others in high school is that just be yourself, don’t try to change yourself for others. To students right now, I would say that one bad grade isn’t going to determine your life, if you do bad, you should strive to do your best. You don’t necessarily have to get the highest grade in the class or continuously get good grades. Sometimes it’s okay to get a bad grade. You should just make sure you are keeping yourself happy, because in ten years you are not going to remember you got a bad grade, but you are going to remember you were forcing yourself to study day and night. Studying is important, but it is important to take care of yourself.

After graduating high school, Hinaz plans on going to college and becoming a dentist and opening her own clinic.