Kennedy’s first pep rally starts school year off with a bang

Students and staff cheer on this years fall athletes


Lindsay Prusicki

Seniors get the students excited for the fall sports teams.


On Friday, Sept. 9, 2022, JFKMHS students ended off the first week of school with the fall pep rally. The assembly was the first school wide gathering for the new school year.

Upon arrival, the cheerleaders rallied the students and faculty onto the bleachers. Although the weather was warm, the stadium was buzzing with yellow jackets and school spirit.

Harsh Borkhetaria, Akiva Lewis, and Giovanni Maglione encouraged the senior class to have their voices heard in the mustang chant. Maglione was so pumped for the chant that he ended up losing his voice. 

Maglione stated that the experience was different from prior years because he was “actually out there, doing something, participating, and actually chanting.”  The pep rally gives the upperclassmen the chance to show their excitement for their last year of high school.

“When we did the chant, and when we were clapping for the athlete’s, everybody seemed to be in the moment.” Borkhetaria, the senior class president, explained the difference between prior senior class enthusiasm and this year’s seniors.

Students took pictures and danced to the marching band’s performance of “The Horse.”  The students’ energy then carried over to the first home game later that night against Colonia High School.